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Universe in a Box

Aimed at primary level, this book provides a comprehensive range of practical activities relating to Earth and Space, light and astronomy. ‘Hands on’ activities include: creating a lunar landscape, Moon storytelling, modelling a solar eclipse, building a sundial, observing sunspots and building a model of our solar system.

Provided by European Universe Awareness (EU-UNAWE) the book contains background knowledge around each of the activities and full teacher guidance on running them. Many images, cards and activity sheets are provided and other resources required are easy to source or make. The topics are:

*The Moon
*The Earth
*Solar and Lunar eclipses
*The Sun
*Light and Shadows
*The Sun’s surface
*Sun’s Rotation
*The Solar System
*Weight on other planets
*Star constellations
*Making a planisphere, a turnable star map

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