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Complete Forensics C.I.C.

DIscover exciting science through interactive hands on forensic science workshops.

Evidence Discovery
Hands on with forensic evidence and packaging materials. What is evidence, how is it used and why do we recover it in different ways.
Includes intorduction to DNA. Skills included Literacy and science.
Fingerprint Discovery
What is a fingerprint? How are they formed and how do investigators discover them at crime scenes? These are some of the questions we answer in our Fingerprint Discovery sessions
Blood Pattern Discovery
Discover how investigators use the patterns and distribution of blood at crime scenes to find out what took place. Students are covered in (fake) blood to learn the lessons invstigators look for in blood patterns. 
Exhumation Discovery
Discover what takes place after a body is buried. How do criminal investigators look for the evidence. This is a fully immersive hands on table top session, and includes handling bones of animals.
Expected outcomes

Over a period of one hour to a number of days or weeks we will work with you to inspire young people to engage with science.

Through these workshops the young people will gain:


Hands on experiences


Team work





To book this activity, please contact:
Gary Howard
0800 772 3815

Complete Forensics C.I.C.
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