Growing for Gold - Combatting Climate Change - whole-school Science Day

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If you're looking for a way to celebrate British Science Week, there is still time to order and download your Growing for Gold - Combatting Climate Change teaching resource pack, which contains everything you need to host your own, whole-school Science day, exploring this year's British Science Week theme of "Growth."

The pack, which allows teachers to deliver our activities themselves can be found over at ...
Expected outcomes

EYFS/P1:  What can we do at home to help save Planet Earth?

Year 1/P2: How can what we wear help save Planet Earth?

Year 2/P3: How can the way we travel help save Planet Earth?

Year 3/P3: How can what we buy help combat climate change?

Year 4/P5: How can what we eat help combat climate change?

Year 5/P6: How can recycling help combat climate change?

Year 6/P7: How can we persuade the world to combat climate change?

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