Maths Magic Days and Magical Science Days by Tony Charles

It's Magic Time


Maths shows or science shows and workshops for KS2, KS1 and EYFS, presented with a magical twist and relevant to the pupils learning.


Educational, enriching, entertaining and fun.


COVID-19 Update

Continuing to provide educational entertainment and enrichment. As a result of COVID-19 related restrictions, and the likely future social distancing rules, we are delighted to launch new ways of delivering maths and science days for schools.

New products for schools

Visit by Tony Charles.  Assemblies and workshops as per agreed bespoke timetable. Similar to visits prior to recent restrictions, however, adhering to the appropriate current social distancing rules.

Virtual Visit. Live video link workshops suitable for remote learning, or for when schools have wholly or partially returned and wish to restrict the number of visitors to their site. Choose from one for a short session to six for a whole day. 


Presentations of conjuring tricks, maths tricks and cool experiments to cover either maths vocabulary, various maths topics and calculation strategies, or to explore areas of science.


The format is flexible and can be tweaked to suit your school, however usually during a typical day the children would enjoy a show appropriately differentiated for their phase, and depending on the size of the school, some or all of the children will be able to join in with a follow up workshop. There are shows for EYFS, KS1, LKS2 and UKS2.


​Pupil/adult twilight sessions are an option too, with a focus on promoting maths or science at home.


The maths shows include routines where repeating patterns, finding the difference, 2D/3D shapes, number bonds, recalling multiplication facts, place value, partition skills and many other areas are explored. All maths workshop activities relate directly to the previously viewed performance and the older children even learn how to perform some of the magical maths tricks whilst honing their numeracy skills.


​Our most popular maths days are:-

​General Maths Day

​Money Week Maths Day

​Patterns, Shapes and Nature Days


The science shows include magical experiments. The science behind these are then discovered and explored. Also included are tricks where science is relied upon to make the illusion. Forces, senses, materials, light and electricity are all featured. The children repeat these experiments during the science workshops.


​More details regarding the sessions including, suggested formats and some maths workshop videos can be found on website




Expected outcomes

Overall​. To creatively inspire a love of learning in maths and science.

Maths. ​For pupils to have an understanding that maths learning can be applied to all activities, including fun ones. Pupils to successfully learn magic tricks where their maths knowledge is required to make them work. A fun way of applying their maths learning and calculation strategies whilst gaining performance, communication and maths skills they can show and share.

Science. For the pupils to be inspired by the magic of science whilst understanding the  scientific principles. To have an understanding of how the science is relevant or applied in the world around us. To want to repeat in class, or at home, make their own predictions and devise their own fair tests..

​Twilight Sessions Option. ​To promote maths or science at home. Families working and learning together.

To book this activity, please contact:
Tony Charles
0800 0 730 940 (UK ONLY)

57 Penfold Road
BN14 8PG Worthing Sussex

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