This collection of resources support learning about STEM subjects using the context of exploring Mars. Using the context of the ExoMars mission, activities link to areas of the curriculum including: science, D&T and computing. There are activities focused on children of different ages, ranging from 5-18 years of age.

The ExoMars mission is a collaboration between ESA and the Russian State Space Corporation, Roscosmos. By working together, the ExoMars mission has already put a spacecraft in orbit around Mars – the Trace Gas Orbiter. The second part of the mission, now due to launch in 2022, is sending a high-tech rover to land on Mars. The rover, Rosalind Franklin will be searching for the building blocks of life on Mars. It is the first robot of its kind that can both roam around Mars, and also drill down to study samples two metres below the surface.

These activities have been provided by ESERO-UK and funded by UK Space Agency.



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Is There Anyone Out There?

This resource was funded by the UK Space Agency and developed by ESERO-UK and CIEC Promoting Science. It is based upon the quest to discover more about the solar system through space projects such as the European Space Agency’s Aurora programme, and NASA’s Curiosity mission seeking to gather evidence of life on the...

PanCam engineering

Mechanical engineer, Tom Hunt, shows how precision machines are used to produce the PanCam instrument, which will be sent to the European Space Agency to be integrated on to the ExoMars rover.  Electronics engineer, Barry Hancock, shows the filter wheel being tested within the labs, at the Mullard Space Science...

Mars Yard

Guidance and navigation engineer, Richard Lancaster, explains how the ‘Mars Yard’, at Airbus Defence and Space, Stevenage, allows engineers to test out the capabilities of the ExoMars rover.  He talks about the need to transmit all commands and receive data through a spacecraft orbiting Mars.  Spacecraft engineer,...

The Mars Challenge secondary school resources are a set of "unplugged" computing resources, aimed at students aged 11-14 years old.  The resources are set in the context of the European Space Agency ExoMars mission, which...