European Space Agency Resources – Primary

The European Space Agency have provided a range of purposeful and engaging activities to support learners across the Primary stage. These activities cover the Science, Maths, Design Technology, Computing and Topic curriculums through activities linked to life on Earth, our atmosphere and solar system and some even further afield.







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EO Detective 7-11

Aimed at primary learners, these resources link to aspects of mathematics, geography, science and computing.The activities use early astronaut photographs to encourage children to think about what features on the Earth look like from space, and satellite images to enable students to measure the growth of a city and...

Astronomy and Football

A 100 metres football field could serve as a venue to compare distances in our Solar System. Hopefully, this exercise from ESA will add perspective to the vastness of our part of the Universe and to the learning of astronomy.

Explore Saturn and Titan

On 14 January 2005, the European probe Huygens entered the atmosphere of Titan - one of Saturn's moons. Based on this major event in space exploration, ESA offers a cartoon-style teaching aid with fact sheets for teachers to use in the classroom. The factsheets are available for use with different aged students -...


In this resource from ESA, students' mission is to design and build a vehicle that will protect their Eggnaut from the perils of re-entry from space. The objective is to have your Eggnaut survive the fall without a crack. The project can be adpated for either primary or secondary students. The resource was produced...